Empower Population Health

Our solution serves as a Community Navigator to connect vulnerable individuals to the most appropriate centers of care.

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Inter-Organizational Collaboration

Our community-focused implementation process strengthens the link between health, social service, and education professionals.

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Social Determinants of Health

We enable health care providers to exert greater influence over the factors that drive avoidable health care costs.

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Connecting People in Need with People who Care

Heudia helps hospitals, government agencies, and insurance providers improve their ability to control avoidable health care costs caused by a patient population that is isolated, lacks access to care, or suffers from inadequate social support.

Increase Access

Our approach helps individuals overcome barriers to access by serving as a decision support system for patients, family members , care givers, patient navigators, and community health workers.

Eliminate Disparity

We offer a culturally competent solution set specifically aligned with the needs of vulnerable populations and the providers they most often turn to for support.

Reduce Expense

Our system coordinates the delivery of health and social service resources while placing high risk/high cost patients at the center of a health promoting eco-system.