Principal Impact Driver to Making Improvements in Population Health

All to frequently we turn to technology as a single-point solution to our most pressing population health and utilization management needs without fully considering how to build a strong sense of community around that technology tool. In fact, without the proper blend of people and process the technology becomes largely ineffective.

Heudia believes the key to making rapid improvements in population health is to maintain the proper balance between people, process and technology without compromising relationships with key community stakeholders.

We accomplishes this using a human-centered design process that inspires ingenuity and unlocks the creative energy of community stakeholders to increase the human capital focused on the needs of vulnerable individuals. This is achieved by creating a new collaborative space that responds to self-interests and collective-needs of community-based organizations who are in the best position to help payors and providers:

  • Increase Access to Care,
  • Improve Population Health,
  • Expand Prevention Services,
  • Eliminate Health Disparities, and
  • Reduce Avoidable Healthcare Costs.

This framework also serves to increase inter-organizational collaboration and communication while giving community members a more active voice in population health initiatives.