Solution - AccessMeCare

Optimizing information driven interactions between community-based care providers and your target population.

Implemented as a software service that allows anyone – anywhere – to screen, navigate and plan care for a friend, family member, loved one, or client.

Features & Functions

Starting with the Use Case


AccessMeCare creates a seamless user experience that starts by blending population heath data with other key information to paint a complete picture of the local landscape based upon community-level factors, home-based issues, and the individual challenges confronting your target population.


Heudia uses this information to curate and crowd-source a personally-relevant user experience that allows clinicians, case workers, community members, care givers and individuals to intervene in a positive and non-intrusive manner – meeting the needs of the individual where they are – wherever they are.


AccessMeCare serves two user groups but is primarily focused on strengthening the work environment for case managers, care planners, community health and social service workers, and other community members who are in a position of trust to provide guidance & decision support for individuals.

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Key Features

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Content Management

The AccessMeCare experience starts by sourcing unique and local content that meets your overarching goals and objectives which is then reviewed, revised, and published to your white-labeled version of the platform. All published information is closely controlled, frequently updated, and always moderated by Heudia to ensure the accuracy, integrity, quality, and suitability of all content.

Community Engagement

AccessMeCare helps clinicians and individuals engage more easily with complementary community-based organizations (CBOs) who provide social support and help folks remain actively engaged in health promoting activities. The Community Engagement Module allows authorized users to highlight a range of relevant services, programs, and events to all other participating providers, CBOs, and individuals.

Resource Recommender

AccessMeCare allows users to proactively identify and engage with participating community-based care providers to prevent illness or a personal crisis related to their basic human needs based upon their unique eligibility profile.

User Engagement

Individuals are engaged thought multiple overlapping communication channels that they themselves elect to use. Each channel provides a different mode of communication ranging from browsing, push/pull messaging, and alerts.

EcoSystem Analytics

AccessMeCare allows authorized users to monitor system, organizational, and user activity as well as assessing needs, utilization rates, gaps or redundancies in services to ensure community stakeholders, administrators, and community-based researchers can measure, monitor, and optimize ecosystem performance.

Admin Panel

Authorized users representing participating organizations have access to a user dashboard that simplifies their ability to add, update, and manage their flow of content to and from other organizations and users. The dashboard also includes administrative functions.

1. Localizing AccessMeCare
2. Network Optimization
3. Community Engagement
4. User Engagement
5. Continual Improvement
6. Value-Added Services

Heudia manages the entire set-up process for our client’s and refines the look, feel, and function of AccessMeCare based on a well developed and highly efficient human-centered design process.

Key elements of this process include:

  • Re-Brand AccessMeCare to Client Requirements
  • Engage Stakeholders in Awareness-Building Activities
  • Conduct an Initial Pop. Health Quantitative Data Review
  • Configure Content to Match Community Health Needs
  • Release AccessMeCare to Participating Organizations

Localizing AccessMeCare

AccessMeCare can be launched into new communities within 30 days. No software customization or integration with the client’s existing information systems (IS) required.

Network Optimization

Heudia relies on the creative process described above to establish the foundation for a stronger, more closely-knit network optimized for the client’s target population.

AccessMeCare is based upon a series of seamless workflows that facilitates the formation of a hyper-local network of “best-in-class” service providers and community-based organizations aligned specifically to the goals of our clients.

Key workflows include:

  • Network-Building Tools
  • On-Boarding Application
  • 3-Tier Registration Process
  • Hierarchical Content Management System
  • Published Privacy & Participation Policies

Heudia’s solution set engages and aligns community stakeholders to move your mission forward and rapidly increase the impact of your population and preventive health programs. The Company’s uses an evidenced-based framework proven to increase access to care to moves client’s beyond the traditional concept of static community resource directories that fail to engage communities, address population health needs, and improve your organization’s financial performance.

Key components of this technology-drive service offering include:

  • Community Engagement Module
  • Automated Outreach & Engagement Tools
  • Community Health Kiosks

Community Engagement

AccessMeCare is infrastructure solution that enables clients to organize a vast number of complementary, yet often isolated and sometimes unknown niche programs into a single, coherent, and community-focused digital health intervention.

User Engagement

Heudia engages users using multiple modes and methods. The Company’s technology drives an iterative and recurring series of automated outreach and engagement activities targeting both individual and professional users.

AccessMeCare creates two distinct and overlapping social networks that include individuals and community-based care professional. These two user groups interact through common software user interface with complementary features and functions. The primary purpose of AccessMeCare is increase the quality and quantity of face-to-face and virtual interactions that occur between a people and their recommended group of community-based care providers.

User engagement occurs through:

  • Automated Outreach/Engagement Activities
  • Social Networking and Social Media Tools
  • Participation in a Learning Community
  • Narrowly Focused Push/Pull Messaging Techniques
  • Incentive-Based Affinity Program Based on a Prepaid Debt Card
  • Wearables & Digital Health Devices
  • Automatic Resource Recommendation Tied to Screening Tool
  • Self-Directed Guided “check-box” Search or Browsing

Heudia maintains the accuracy and integrity of the published information using an escalation process that includes provisions for users to raise alerts in the event they detect inaccurate data. The Continual Quality Improvement (CQI) process includes the application of analytics to monitor needs/usages, identify gaps in care, and enable community partners to build increasing capacity that improves the overarching system of care.

Key elements of the CQI process include:

  • EcoSystem Analytics
  • Gap Analysis
  • Geographic Access Models
  • Population Health Performance Data

Continual Improvement

AccessMeCare is actively managed by Heudia using a 6-step Continual Quality Improvement process that ensures the resulting network and all published content is aligned to your strategic goals and the needs of your target population.

Value-Added Support

Heudia offers a full range of value-added support services to bridge the gaps in your community and population health programs.

Heudia’s care model and technology platform are strategically focused on specific segments of the healthcare market where new innovations are needed to intervene against a community’s most pressing population health challenges.

Other key ingredients in Heudia’s Model Includes:

  • Software Customization, APIs & Client-Site Integrations
  • Prospective Benefits Studies
  • Virtual Care Management Services
  • Retrospective Population Health Studies
  • Support with State or Federal Funding Applications

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