Low-income individuals, especially those on Medicaid and Medicare, depend on resources that are inconvenient, inaccessible, and fail to address their barriers to care while Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) need better business intelligence and networking tools to better connect people with their services.


This problem set impacts on every Healthcare Provider, Payor, and Program

Why This Matters to You

AccessMeCare gives complementary community-based care providers and community stakeholders a greater ability to improve inter-organizational communication and collaboration empowering them to:

  • Maximize their capacity to engage and reach out to individuals in need of additional support.
  • Highlight a relevant range of related services, programs, and events to all other participating care providers, community-based organizations, and individuals living in their community.
  • Increase their ability to close gaps in services and strengthen the continuum of care.
Community-Based Organizations

AccessMeCare gives clinicians instantaneous access to actionable and hyper-local information to intervene in a more immediate, holistic, and effective manner based upon Heudia’s ability to identify the optimum set of related services for any given individual.

Give family members and/or the individual all the tools they need to:

  • Proactively engage with participating community-based care providers prior to a becoming chronically ill.
  • Reactively engage with an increasing number of related community-based care providers based upon the recommendations provided to them by their clinician or health advocate.
  • Actively manage their health by participating in a broad complement of critically important health, social service, education, and economic programs.

Providing Key Benefits & Multiple Points of Value for Everyone

Here are Some Examples

Encourage individuals to seek care at the right time and place.
Increase coordination of care between primary care & behavioral health providers.
Enable health care providers to make social service referrals.
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinicians and case workers.
Engage and empower community members to serve as health navigators.
Equip Community Health Workers to better serve their clients.
Improve performance and increase demand for services.

Getting Interested?

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