Heudia aligns medical care with the social determinants of health using a human-centered design process to create a system of change that intervenes against a population’s most pressing health, social, educational, and economic needs.

This inspires ingenuity and creates community champions to increase the human capital focused on improving Access to Care, Population Health, and Prevention Services.

Heudia’s Care Model incentivizes Community-Based Organizations who are trained by Heudia to use AccessMeCare to engage, guide, & educate individuals so that they become better health care consumers that cost less to care for.

It is based on a community-focused framework that empowers staff members from these organizations AND family caregivers to provide decision support and empower individuals to overcome their barriers to care.

Our approach uses a simple, easy-to-use, software service to maximize trust-based linkages between a rapidly increasing number of community-based organizations and our client’s target population.

This strengthen the effectiveness of the local health ecosystem.

The industry norm has been to apply Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) strategies, that emerged out of the public health space, to address population/community health problems.

Typically, CBPR methods are a complex and iterative human-driven processes requiring a lot of coordination and effort.  Although having been adopted by health plans and healthcare providers; these efforts are costly, highly inefficient, and labor-intensive.

Heudia’s Care Model integrates two overarching processes that streamline these types of initiatives to achieve a meaningful clinical, economic, or community benefit for our customers.

Once relates to the implementation and community engagement process. The other is a 6-step Continual Quality Improvement Process (CQIP) that is used to identify the most critical opportunities for improvement, build capacity, and close gaps in services that have the largest impact on our client’s target population.


The outcome of Heudia’s model of care is a unique and overlapping series of multi-level processes that enables our clients to exert greater influence over community-level factors and personal issues that drive up avoidable healthcare cost.

This also ensures that all individuals – regardless of their economic status – have adequate access to the right set of resources, at the right time that they need to live a healthier, more productive life.


The essential thing to know about Heudia is that we recognize that technology is a means to an end – not the end itself.

Interventions designed to engage increasingly larger populations takes intention, commitment, and a long-term/sustainable mindset focused on deepening relationships. AccessMeCare improves inter-organizational collaboration, increases coordination of care between primary care, behavioral health, and community-based service, and provides a coherent, turnkey solution.

AccessMeCare™ is a cloud-based, “Collaboration and Community Engagement Platform” – a “Mobile Safety Net” of sorts that links vulnerable individuals to attainable health, social service, economic, and educational resources. It reliably serves as a virtual social worker and community navigator – appropriate for use by clinicians, social service professionals, educators, faith-leaders, community stakeholders, care givers, neighbors, and the individual themselves.

AccessMeCare™ is a highly scalable and semi-customizable white-labeled software platform that facilitates the formation of a hyperlocal network of “Best-in-Class” community-based care providers most capable of addressing the health, social, economic, and educational needs of our client’s target population.

AccessMeCare™ is designed to simplify the flow of personally relevant and actionable information to low-literacy individual or their care giver – based upon that individual’s “eligibility profile”.