Who We Serve

Heudia’s Social Outreach and Community Engagement platform is designed to provide value to a broad range of community stakeholders who benefits from our products and services.

Whether you are a health system, community hospital, or another form of health care provider, chances are, your financial performance is adversely impacted by Health Care Providerscommunity-level and patient-level factors that use to exist beyond your influence. The causes of emergency department overcrowding, above average readmission rates, high rates of avoidable ACSC, and other issues are always complex, but owe their origin to a common set of problems.

We believe that the best method to solve these problems that are rooted in literacy, transportation, finance, language, and others is by combining our Social Outreach and Community Engagement platform with a community focused participatory approach. This enables us to inspire human ingenuity, create community champions, and empower others to follow suit to increase human capital, the only thing that will have a lasting impact on population health.

Today’s dynamic health care market will add millions of newly insurance providerinsured individuals into private insurance programs. As a result we expect that a good part of the Nation’s $40 billion annual uncompensated and charity expense and a large portion of the $18.5 billion annual avoidable emergency cost will cross-over to insurance providers.

This places the current cost burden faced by hospital onto to insurance providers who have historically found it difficult, if not impossible, to improve the health behaviors of this new member demographic.

Our system provides key strategic benefits to insurance providers who recognize the overarching importance of ensuring that their plan participants receive adequate social support that complements pre-existing wellness programs and medical treatment.

Beyond the health and wellness advantage Heudia provides, our platform serves to create a market channel and can be used to encourage high risk/high cost members to participate  in community-based health promoting activities that exist outside the boundary of employer-based health plans.

We recognize that health and human service organizations face tremendous challenges in coordinating services across broad geographically areas. This is complicated by inconsistent services areas and a transient population.

Typical IT platforms launched at a national and state level that Health and Human Service Agenciesare designed to disseminate health and social services to downstream agencies and end users frequently rely on complex navigation paths and a fair degree of digital literacy.

They deliver information that is neither local, relevant, or personally meaningful to lower literacy and vulnerable individuals they are meant to serve. These traditional user interfaces confound and confuse the people that need the greatest assistance.

In contrast, Heudia provides health and human service organizations with a scalable, cost-effective alternative that includes a user interface designed to better meet the needs of lower digital and language literate populations. It also enables them to launch a network of regionally or locally branded community focused platforms that preserves their ability to disseminate and share content/data across the entire network.

Primary care networks and their providers are on the front line of our national healthcare crisis and are well positioned to have greatest impact on improving the health of our communities. However, the facts are that there are not Primary Care Networksenough trained primary care physicians to go around and a reasonable percentage of our population fail to utilize them.

We recognize that the newly insured will require re-training to ensure they seek care from the most appropriate location. We also know that for many people, even those that seek proper care, their medical treatment will be impacted because they lack adequate social support required to maintain a stable health condition.

In this case, Heudia see an opportunity where Primary Care Networks and other accountable care organizations can utilize our Social Outreach and Community Engagement platform to better educate their patient population and make timely referrals to social service programs and community based activities that complement their patient’s medical treatment.

The design of our outreach and engagement platform offers health researchers a new and innovative tool that they can use as a delivery platform to disseminate a targeted health intervention with the added advantage of sustainability and scale.

In this application our platform can be hand-tailored by the researcher to recruit participants, issue surveys and questionnaires, conduct community assessments, and collaborate with team members while assuring everyone remains connected to the project.

Once the outcomes and value have been proven any web-enabled intervention can be sustained at relatively low incremental cost. If a pathway to web-based commercialization can been identified, the resulting product can be disseminated into other communities that have come to use our platform.

This overcomes a principal limitation of traditional public health interventions that are developed and evaluated under publicly funded research grants lasting between 2 to 5 years. During this process new things are tried, breakthroughs are made, outcomes are proven, and the vulnerable population is served. Then the grant money runs out, the project ends, and the population that was once served goes back to the way it use to be. The community impact diminishes.

When you examine the value chain for our products and services you find that one of our greatest impact areas is the opportunity we provide to the multitude of community-based organizations our society depends on to meet the needs of vulnerable Community Organizationsindividuals. Most often they are the place of last resort for someone who has nowhere else to turn for help and support. Yet their funding environment is highly competitive and for most, uncertain.

Although they are not necessarily our customers, they are served by our customers. Customers, who step up to create a healthier community environment where inter-organizational collaboration and cooperation can flourish. These organizations gain additional benefit because of their increased ability to market their organization in a socially responsible manner, participate in peer-to-peer networking events, and launch new health promoting programs. All within the context of a single coherent mission.

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