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I came into my community as a faith-based leader 18 years ago with an interest to create a community garden and to minister to those in need more support.

The wide spread adoption of AccessMeCare allows a rapidly increasing number of Community-Based Organizations gain critical access to the business intelligence tools, training, and infrastructure they need to better serve their clients who may also be a patient, Medicaid or Medicare Beneficiary, Veteran, plan member, or resident of your community.... This, in turn, strengthens communities through capacity building and improved inter-organizational collaboration which reduces disparity and increases access to funding opportunities.

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About Us

Heudia’s care model blends technology with continual, community-focused quality improvement process that translates costly, inefficient, and labor-intensive methods into a highly scalable network of community-based care providers.

AccessMeCare is an evidence-based system that improves inter-organizational collaboration, coordination, and communications that integrates all program participants into a common community-focused care platform.

AccessMeCare™ provides critical infrastructure and a care model – consistent with Health 3.0 that community leaders need to establish culturally competent – community-centered population health program.

We recognize Community-Based Organizations come in many shapes and sizes. They are the first line of support for a growing number of individuals who rely on resources that are inconvenient, inaccessible, and fail to address their barriers to care.

A partnership with Heudia provides organizations with critical infrastructure specifically designed to maximize a community’s ability to address the Social Determinants of Health.

Heudia works with community-based organizations to implement AccessMeCare in support of grant funded programs, cooperative agreements, and social enterprise agreements.

AccessMeCare™ is

  • Free-standing – requires no integration with other IT systems and does not exchange Patient Identifiable Information (PII).  This overcomes barriers to entry allowing the platform to be implemented into within 30 days.
  • Can be used in conjunction with pre-existing Health Information Exchange and EMR/EHR systems to expand functionality and integrate non-healthcare-oriented Community-Based Care Providers into the continuum of care.