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I’m a single-mother with a young child and difficult living environment.

Value-based care requires healthcare providers deploy new strategies to better manage the risk of an increasing population of patients that depend on additional support to regain their health. AccessMeCare improves a Healthcare Provider’s ability to proactively engage individuals in a home or community setting before they become critically ill and connects those patients with the optimum set of community-based care providers.

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About Us

Related research indicates that Heudia’s Care Model can result in a material net margin improvement for Healthcare Providers by reducing write-off’s by as much as 20% at certain points of care.

Community Health Centers benefit from optimizing patient flow based upon such factors at accessibility, capacity, ability to pay, and preventive services while increasing operational efficiency and patient outcomes at the point of care.

Heudia helps performance-based, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) maximize earnings by improving quality and performance outcomes though the systematic elimination of access barriers.

Heudia’s care model blends technology and community building with a continuous, community-focused quality improvement process that optimizes care delivery – particularly to self-insured, uninsured, and under-insured individuals.

The primary business benefit is a material net margin improvement resulting from:

  • Increased participation in:
    • Primary-Care, Prenatal Care, Dental Care, & Screening Programs.
    • Men, Women, & Child Wellness Programs.
    • Support and Specialty Care Services.
  • More efficient integration of Community-Based Health Workers into the continuum of clinical care.
  • Increased capacity to engage with patients while they are in the community setting.
  • Increased coordination and collaboration between health, mental health, and social service providers.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of patient-focused and community-focused care teams.
  • Elimination of access barriers.

AccessMeCare™ is

  • Deployed using an evidenced-based process resulting from a National Institutes of Health R24 (Resource-Related Research Projects) Study providing explicit evidence of a clinical, economic, & community benefit.
  • Free-standing – requires no integration with other IT systems and does not exchange Patient Identifiable Information (PII).  This overcomes barriers to entry allowing the platform to be implemented into within 30 days.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a pre-existing Health Information Exchange or EMR/EHR system to expand functionality and integrate non-healthcare-oriented Community-Based Care Providers into the continuum of care.