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I was recently laid off from my job and had to sign-up up for Medicaid. Prior to that I was in a car accident which left me injured and in constant pain. That was when my problems all started.

Value-based care is putting the squeeze on “Medicaid-Dominant” health plans while the health risks to their members is escalating due to poor living conditions and a lack in access to care.... Does your organization need a new and innovative care management solution that can respond to a rapidly changing marketplace?

Please help AccessMeCare….

About Us

Heudia is bringing the “right-touch” to the Medicaid Market by translating costly, inefficient, and labor-intensive programs into a turnkey, subscription-based software service that does not require the exchange or capture a patient’s personal health information.

Heudia’s model of care is ideal for risk bearing organizations seeking to improve community-based care coordination, utilization management, access to care, and the social determinants of health as well as address multiple episodes of care through common care platform.

Related research indicates that Heudia’s model of care can help Managed Care Organizations – especially those negatively impacted by Medicaid Expansion reduce cost of care and increase revenue from value-based or success sharing payment models.

Heudia’s solution set provides an overarching clinical, economic, and community benefit to Managed Care Organizations by:

  1. Aligning community-based services with the unique needs of their members.
  2. Eliminating a member’s barriers to care while encouraging them to form a meaningful relationship with a primary care provider, medical home, or a related ACO.

Other business benefits include:

  • The integration of, and increase participation in – Preventive Care, Population Health, Specialty Services, and Support Services.
  • Increase utilization of Community Health Centers, Urgent Care Clinics, Public hospitals, and County Health Programs.
  • Increase operational efficiency resulting from the integration of community health workers, peer support, and health coaches into the continuum of care.
  • Increase coordination and collaboration between health, mental health, and social service providers.
  • Improve efficiency/effectiveness of member-focused and community-focused care teams.

AccessMeCare™ is

  • Deployed using an evidenced-based process resulting from a National Institutes of Health R24 (Resource-Related Research Projects) Study providing explicit evidence of a clinical, economic, & community benefit.
  • Free-standing – requires no integration with other IT systems and does not exchange Patient Identifiable Information (PII).  This overcomes barriers to entry allowing the platform to be implemented into within 30 days.
  • Qualifies for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) HITECH Federal Funding Participation (FFP), sometimes known as the “HIE 90-10 program”.